Hi and welcome to Mommy Lion.

I enjoy writing about parenting, and things I’ve learned along the way with my husband. wonderful 3-year-old girl and baby boy. My kids couldn’t be more different from each other and I am frustrated, humbled, and filled with love every single day being their mom.

Why Lion? My husband lovingly calls our daughter his “little lion” and I love my family ferociously.

Side note: I choose not to share pictures of my kids or their names on this site. I believe they deserve the chance to choose for themselves what type of online presence they have or don’t. Years from now, I don’t know if they would appreciate my rants about their potty training troubles. I hope you don’t think this means I lack authenticity. All I share here is the real me, my real beliefs and experiences. I write hoping that it will bring a smile to your face.

I would love to connect with you and hear your own stories. Please feel free to leave me any comments, questions, feedback or links to your own blog!

-Mommy Lion