My Husband, the Postpartum Hero

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Have you all watched the Ali Wong Comedy Special on Netflix “Hard Knock Wife”? In it, she jokes about how she’d only employ an elderly nanny. She was feeling less than glamorous (read: sleep deprived, gross, bitchy) as a new mom and felt having a young, beautiful nanny living in the house (who does everything asked of her with a smile on her face) would be irresistible to her husband.

Side note: If you haven’t watched this yet, I highly recommend it. She does get a little raunchy for my liking, but her jokes about being pregnant, a new mom, and breastfeeding really are spot on and super hilarious.

I laughed and cried at this, because it’s just so true. I’m not talking about infidelity which is another whole thing, but it’s really freaking stressful caring for a little human, while running on little to no sleep. Having a new baby can really test a relationship. Those people who try to have a baby to “save the relationship” are crazy pants.

Also, I’m not sure about you, but the postpartum period for me has not made me feel very attractive. I rarely shower. I usually have milk all over me. I have stretch marks that make me look like some kind of mangy striped jungle cat. I am sleep deprived which I am told turns me into the “morning monster”. I know my husband must really love me because he puts up with me while I’m at my worst.

Here’s how I know he loves me:


  1. Today my husband spent all day wrangling the preschooler so I could hold the baby who refuses to sleep anywhere but on me. This may sound rather simple, but she has recently been in full on “Mommy mode” and consistently tells him things like “I only love Mommy” and “Go away. I don’t like you.”
  2. Even though my own body image is at an all-time low, he consistently tells me how attractive he finds me and finds ways to make me feel beautiful every day
  3. He regularly drops what he is doing to do things for our family. I can’t remember the last time I picked up groceries.
  4. He works his butt off so that I can work part-time and spend more quality time with the kids
  5. He makes me feel like super mom. He reassures me when I am anxious about giving both kids the attention they deserve and always tells me what a great job I’m doing (even if it isn’t quite true some of the time)

I am so very lucky to have a man like him. He is my partner in life, my best friend, my baby daddy. And I wouldn’t change him for the world.

This is Day 5 of my 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Feel free to join me by writing about being loved.

Post a link in the comments below and I’ll be sure to read and comment.

2 thoughts on “My Husband, the Postpartum Hero

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I watched that show with my husband a few weeks back and we laughed so hard until we had tears coming out of our eyes!
    I am right there with you on how tough the postpartum period is and what a difference it makes surrounding yourself with great support! My husband was my rock during that time and I couldn’t have survived without him.

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