Thank you, Miss America #byebyebikini

Today, Miss America announced they will no longer judge contestants on their outward physical appearance. They are now a “competition” and not a “pageant”.

As a woman and a mom of a daughter, this makes me happy, but feels long overdue.

I never understood the bikini part of pageants. If Miss America was supposed to be a wholesome, well-spoken, talented, and charitable woman, what did that have to do with swimming? Or really, glorified lingerie masked as a swimsuit?

A woman’s worth does not rest on her curves or lack thereof. Your thigh gap or bra size do not define your womanhood. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she doesn’t define herself by her physical appearance. Where others love her for her kindness, her humor and her class.

The chairman also announced they will be more inclusive of women of all shapes and sizes. While this is also an overdue step in the right direction, it seems somehow wrong that they are taking away swimsuits while also becoming accepting of plus size women.

How do you feel about this announcement?

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