A Love Letter to Baby Wipes

Dear Baby Wipes,

I love you. You are a loyal helper, a healer, and a friend.

You have gotten me through the messy times, tough times, and the “I’m the best mom ever” times.

You have literally wiped the sweat off my back in the days of colicky newborns and clingy toddlers, where showers were nowhere to be had.

You have been there in sickness (the so very many of them after G started preschool) and in health (the other 5 or so days of the year).

You have helped me to be the “yes” Mom. I knew you would always be there after attempts to eat chocolate in the car in the sweltering summer heat.

You have helped calm my husbands germophobia, especially when it comes to shopping cart handles.

You have kept my kids’ butts clean, along with my car dashboard, my computer keyboard after an unfortunate ranch incident, and let’s not even mention the postpartum period.

I don’t know what I’d do without you. I dread the days my little ones are no longer babies and I have to be the weirdo buying baby wipes for myself.

With Love Everlasting,


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